Hours156 hours
ModelEagle 8 CC
Hours156 hours
Hull TypeMonohull

2020 Brig USA Eagle 8 Luxury CC w/ Single Yamaha 300 (156 hours) 

With a sleek, modern design and 26 feet of ample space for you and your guests, the Eagle 8 rigid inflatable boat by BRIG USA is the premier choice for anyone looking for an unforgettable boating experience.

Our high-quality boats are made in Europe by people who are experts in their field. The Eagle 8 is a luxurious family cruiser that shows off everything boaters throughout the world have come to love about our durable, great-looking inflatable boats.

The Eagle 8 is constructed with a deep-V-hull, which has become a signature of the Eagle series. This large 26ft RIB boat is made with extra-wide tubes, a square bow and an extended waterline to ensure you’ll enjoy a smooth, stable ride whenever you’re aboard.

While the Eagle 8 isn’t the biggest RIB boat in our handsome lineup, it is big enough for you and your friends and family to enjoy with ease. It has enough comfortable seating for 11, and it can transport up to 16 adult passengers at once. The Eagle 8 has storage lockers in the front and back, and it’s capable of hauling a payload of as much as 4,270 pounds. With such a versatile, roomy boat, you’ll never have to worry about leaving anyone or anything at the dock.


  • Yamaha F300NCA2 (156 hours)
  • Yamaha Command Link Display
  • Garmin GPS MAP 8600
  • Simrad VHF (RS20S)
  • Fusion Audio System
  • Freshwater Washdown
  • 2 Bank Battery Charger
  • Seadec Flooring
  • Console & Seat Covers
  • Electric Marine Head
  • and much more

One of the many things that make the Eagle 8 stand out is the boat’s prominent radar arch. This arch is noticeable from a considerable distance, and it gives the sleekly-styled Eagle 8 an unmistakable appearance that’s indicative of all the fun you’ll have every time you hit the water in your inflatable cruiser.

Well-Appointed With Captains and Passengers in Mind

The Eagle 8 is a well-equipped family cruiser that was clearly designed with both captains and passengers in mind. The boat features an extended bow that can be outfitted with a nicely-sized sundeck or another seating area. A foldable ladder that has a convenient platform makes getting in and out of the water a breeze even for younger boaters. Washing off is just as easy thanks to the boat’s freshwater shower or washdown area.

If you want to enjoy a meal with your family, you can use the boat’s removable table with your loved ones whenever you want. And, if you’re eager to spend more time on the water, you can add the optional ski mast to your Eagle 8 and let the fun begin with your family and friends.


  • Deep V hull
  • Built-in davit lifting points
  • Steering wheel
  • Antiskid deck surface
  • Enclosed cabin with toilet
  • Polyester arch
  • Front and rear stowage lockers
  • Safety handles & carrying handles
  • Navigation lights
  • Hull ventilation system
  • Two paddles & foot pump
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Twin self-bailing unit
  • Tube repair kit
  • Battery container
  • Built-in fuel tank with external deck filler
  • Accessories bag
  • Battery isolation switch
  • Front step plate
  • Silvertex upholstery
  • Fuel gauge
  • Front towing bow ring
  • Steering console
  • Front locker removable cushion
  • Cockpit table
  • Combined pilot seat/bolster
  • Rear cushion with softback
  • Front cleats (bollards)
  • Steering system (hydraulic)
  • Hypalon ORCA Fabric


Length (ft)
Maximum payload(lbs)
Width (ft)
Minimum power(hp)
Height (ft)
Recommended power(hp)
1 x 300hp
Tube diameter (ft)
Maximum power
No. of Chambers
Design category
No. of Persons
Fuel tank capacity(gal)
Wet Weight (lbs)
Freshwater tank capacity(gal)

We work with 20 different lenders to help our customers with all different types of credit histories get financed for their dreamboats. If you’re interested in checking this boat out in person give us a call to schedule a private sea trial here at our marina in Pompano Beach, FL. You deserve to get your friends and family on the water and we’re here to help you make that dream into a reality.

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