The Best Boat Storage Facility In Pompano Beach, Florida

If you’re looking for the best boat storage in Pompano Beach, FL you have come to the right place!

Are you tired of trailering your boat to the boat ramp?  What about the fear of knowing South Florida has the highest rate of marine theft in the country? Last but certainly not least, what about the costly sun damage your boat gets from being outside in blazing hot conditions 24/7 365?

All of these reasons are why 166 other boaters chose us to eliminate those problems for them.  They chose to protect their investment with the best boat storage facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Imagine a solution where all you have to do is call 1 hour before you want to go boating and your boat would be clean and in the water ready for you to use, all you have to do is turn the key on and go.

No more trailering the boat with an SUV not suited for towing, no more exhausting trips around the parking lot trying to find a place to park, and finally, no more chaos in the parking lot with others honking at you rushing you to put your boat back on the trailer. (Just admit it, it sucks.)

That is why so many people choose Boathouse Marine Center to make their boating lifestyle even dreamier.

“The nonprofit National Insurance Crime Bureau says Florida reported a total of 1,114 watercraft thefts in 2018, with only 392 of those being recovered by authorities.”

We are a full-service marina that offers dry rack boat storage that includes:

  • FREE Ice
  • Hull washdowns
  • Engine Flushing
  • Boat Sales and Brokerage
  • Award-Winning Service Department In The Same Building
  • Customer Appreciation BBQ’s
  • 30 Minutes Away From Hillsboro Inlet
  • And Much More

Hurricane Boat Storage

Protect your boat during hurricane season by reserving your slip for the entire season (June 1st through November 30th) with a non-refundable deposit. We will store your boat during any named storm for one low price.

Please check with your insurance company as some of your hurricane storage costs may be reimbursable from your insurance carrier.

This is tremendously useful because it doesn’t require you to take the extensive precautions of a hurricane, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your boat is put away inside and that you don’t have to worry about any flying objects hitting it or sinking it.

Dry Boat Storage Helps Retain The Value Of Your Boat

Boat buyers that have experience with boating know just how much a junk boat or a boat that was not meticulously maintained can cost them down the line.

Keeping your boat maintained and out of the sun is going to save you thousands of dollars when you go to sell your boat.

Most people say BOAT stands for “Break Out Another Thousand” and they would be correct if you do not take care of your boat.

Experienced boat buyers are extremely picky, they know exactly what to look for and exactly what to avoid. Don’t risk losing tens of thousands of dollars by not taking care of your boat’s appearance.

You will want to cry when you see how bad it can cost you.

Additional Dry Dockside Dock Boxes Available

Boathouse Marine Center strives to keep accommodations easy as 1-2-3. We are proud to now offer Lockable Dock boxes for you to be able to store all of your boating goods and equipment without having to make trips back and forth to your vehicle. All of our dock boxes are in view of our 24/7 security system to ensure privacy as well as security. If you are interested in signing up for one or need more information, please give us a call at 954.943.3200 to get started. They are available monthly and annually and can be directly added to the storage dues.

Storage For Boats Up To 42ft In Length

We provide quarterly, semi-annual, and annual dry boat storage for our customers.  If you are ready to protect your boat and make boating even more relaxing, give us a call today.