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If you’re looking for the best outboard repair in Pompano Beach, FL then you have come to the right place! We take a lot of pride in our repair work and will provide you and your friends expert award-winning service for all of your outboard service needs.

We have won the Mercury Marine CSI Award 6 times for our outstanding customer service. However, we don’t just specialize in Mercury engines, we also have master marine technicians for Yamaha & Suzuki outboards as well.

Our mechanics take great pride in their work and their efficiency rate which translates into reliable and speedy repairs for your outboard motors.

When you bring your boat into us for service, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a large organization that has your back and takes pride in our service department’s reputation and will make sure you leave here a happy customer.

This is the reason we have such a high rating of reviews which you can see here!

We are not a small hole-in-the-wall outboard repair shop, we are an authorized dealer & service center that will also be your personal sidekick for any Mercury, Yamaha, or Suzuki warranty claims! If you bring your boat in for service and we end up noticing anything that the manufacturer could be held responsible for, we will make sure that the part/parts get replaced and that the process is completely painless for you.

Our marine technicians have gone to school and continue their education with new education each year for the major outboard engine manufactures to stay up to date on the knowledge needed to excel and provide the best service possible for the outboard industry here in Pompano Beach.

Boathouse Marine Center also has the best diagnostics software and computers for our marine technicians to diagnose any problem that your outboard motor is having.

No more costly time wasted guessing what the problem could be, we find the problem quickly and get started on the service. We get it fixed correctly the first time!

Prevent Costly Outboard Repairs

Even though outboard motors are the preferred power plant by almost everyone who has a boat in Pompano Beach due to the harsh saltwater conditions, these engines can still have problems if they are not properly maintained, as with any engine.

Proper maintenance = longer lifespan of the motor.

We’re going to give you a few maintenance recommendations that you absolutely need to stay on top of to improve the life of your outboard motor as well as the efficiency & performance of it. The first thing that you need to remember is the important hourly milestones on your boat that require you to get your boat in for service.

It’s just like going in for an oil change on your car when you hit a certain mileage, except we use hours to determine when service is needed.

20 Hour Service

  • Changing the oil & oil filter
  • Changing the fuel filters
  • Changing the lower unit oil
  • Checking shift cables are still tight & lubricated
  • Pulling off the propeller to make sure no fishing line or other materials are stuck behind the prop.

100 Hour Service

  • Lubricating the grease fittings on the engine
  • Checking power trim & tilt fluids
  • Spray connectors with silicone spray to prevent moisture and corrosion
  • Checking the shift and throttle linkages for loose play
  • Making sure engine & steering brackets are torqued to the correct spec to eliminate any loose play
  • Inspect spark plugs and replace them if necessary
  • Changing gear-case oil
  • Changing the motors oil
  • Checking fuel lines for any leaks
  • Replace fuel water separator
  • Making sure motor mounts are not sucking into the gel coat
  • Checking the propeller and mounting pieces for any damage
  • Inspect water-pump impeller & replace if necessary
  • Grease driveshaft at spines and bushings
  • Check for fishing line behind the propeller before the seal
  • Install propeller with new cotter pin
  • Before putting the lower unit back on make sure to the grease shift shaft
  • We suggest doing this check on the 200-hour service as well

300 Hour Service

  • Drain Engine Gear Oil & Fill With New
  • Change Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Make Sure Engine Is Properly Lubricated
  • Fresh New Spark Plugs
  • Replace The Low-Pressure Fuel Filter
  • De-carbonize The Engine To Improve Performance & Efficiency
  • Replace Engine Anodes
  • Grease Prop-shaft To Reduce Friction
  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Thermostats Check
  • Service Battery Connection
  • Computer Diagnostic Test

Outboard Repair In Pompano Beach Is Now Even Easier!

If you are able to drive your boat then you can take advantage of the opportunity of dropping your boat off to us by water. Boathouse Marine Center is conveniently located on the water and right off of Federal Highway and just minutes away from Hillsboro Inlet so you don’t have to trailer your boat here if you don’t want to.

Outboard Repair Isn’t The Only Thing We Specialize In!

Finding someone who can do quality Outboard Repair in Pompano Beach and not break your bank account is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Seriously, there are so many boats in this amazing town that everyone and their mom want a piece of the pie and unfortunately, many outboard shops take advantage of the clueless boater if they can tell you have no idea what’s going on.

However, here at Boathouse Marine Center, we do more than just repairs, we offer boat storage as well as new & used boats for sale! Many outboard repair shops make all of their money up-selling and tacking on unnecessary costs to increase their bottom line because they have no other forms of business.

You don’t have to worry about that with us because we have a fantastic business model that allows us to offer great rates for servicing your boat while still giving you the award-winning customer service that you expect.

Next time you are looking for someone to perform your outboard repair in Pompano Beach, give us a call so we can earn your business!

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