Mercury Outboard Service Center

Mercury Outboard Services Breakdown:

  • Drain & Replace Engine Oil

  • Replace Engine Oil Filter

  • Drain & Replace Gear Lube

  • Pull Prop & Grease Prop Shaft

  • Fuel Filters

  • Oil Filter

  • Engine Oil & Drain Seal

  • Lower Unit Gear Lube & Drain/Vent Seals

  • Fuel Filters

  • Oil Filter

  • Engine Oil & Drain Seal

  • Lower Unit Gear Lube & Drain/Vent Seals

  • Sparkplugs

  • Thermostat

  • Waterpump

  • Poppet Valve

  • Belt

Mercury Outboard Service Prices:

Mercury up to 150 service pricing
Mercury 175-400 service pricing

Certified Mercury Outboard Service In Pompano Beach, Florida

Are you tired of overpaying for Mercury outboard service?

Many of the local Pompano Beach residents were as well! That’s why we implemented our brand new fixed-rate pricing model for Mercury Outboards!

Boathouse Marine Center in Pompano Beach, Florida has won the Mercury CSI Award (Customer Satisfaction Index) over 6 times! When it comes to Mercury service or warranty work, we have your back. We also stock a full line of Mercury outboard parts for all sizes of motors, as well as unique parts if you have been searching for something not too common. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to check on parts for you!

Boathouse Marine Center is also a fully authorized service center for Yamaha, Mercury & Suzuki outboards if you somehow landed on this page and have something other than a Mercury! 🙂

You can drop your boat off with full confidence knowing that when you pick your boat up from the marina, it’s going to be serviced correctly by a certified technician, not just a guy with a box of tools that says he can fix it.

We take a lot of pride in our reputation and will continue to make sure you are a happy customer.
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Our marina is the largest & best-equipped facility for service in Pompano Beach. Whether you need to bring your boat to us on a trailer or pull up to our docks, we have the option for you to do both!

We highly encourage you to stay on top of your recommended Mercury routine maintenance, it’s going to save you from a ton of stress on the water and will keep your outboard in tip-top shape to last you many years.

Don’t hesitate to call us to schedule your Mercury service, we will provide you with a friendly representative that will make your service a breeze!

Boathouse Marine Center has continuously won the Mercury CSI Award since 2015